Friday, January 27, 2012

Imagine having to leave a high-paid job as Principal of the prestigious Federal Government College which is regarded across West Africa as the best among equals in the field of education. That was exactly what His Royal Majesty UKOHA did when his maternal uncle passed on from the throne. The Community wanted no other than the distinguished academician who knew nothing of traditional headship but had spent the greater part of his life within the four walls of classrooms either as a student or teacher. Ever since his ascension to the throne in a kingdom founded by a woman, His Majesty has changed the perception of his people from that of hewers of wood and pitchers of water, peasant farmers and warriors to that of intellectuals, successful industrialists and international merchants. He has also completely eradicated illiteracy, gender discrimination, laziness and hooliganism from amongst his people. In a culture where Kings are entitled to marry as many wives as there are beautiful maidens around, His Majesty is constrained by his religious inclination to remain attached to his glamorous wife who also had to subjugate her role as school Headmistress to adorning the regal beads and playing the role of “First Lady.” Their twenty years on the throne is being marked this month with pomp and pageantry and by exhibition of cultural displays amidst recognition of eminent citizens among whom is one Chief EBULU whose illustrations spanning over a period of more than fifty years, could be found in the pages of most school textbooks used across Africa and beyond. Surely, this event and the personalities deserve emulation; to serve as role model to other communities where the primitive lifestyle has remain unchanged.

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