Wednesday, March 29, 2006


TRIGGER QUESTIONS What does ICT Journalism means to you?
Information and Communication Techniques Journalism is the art of using modern technology to disseminate information with professional touch.
Can ICT makes a difference in Journalism?
ICT will make a big impact in journalism as it is already doing. That is to say, journalists who possess the additional capacity to source information via the internet, and have the modern technology such as the PC and its accompanying soft and hardwares, telephone, et cetera, perform better, deliver faster and are more accurate.Are we going to see the death of newspapers due to ICTs?
I do not envisage any threat to newspaper publishing as a result of ICT. Newspapers are only going to be more worth-the-while and substantial when the ICT revolution is brought to bear on its content and final publication .How does ICT change Journalism?
Journalism will no longer be boring. Interviews that usually take long period of time to schedule can be arranged and done with in a twinkle of an eye. Facts cannot be obliterated, because the one journalist is aware that whatever information is is processing can always be verified independently whenever people are in doubt.What was the most useful information did you get through reading of lecture notes and readings?
I never knew that blogging was one useful tool for posting private information. I am also excited about the innumerable opportunities that about with ICT development. What is the most important ICT tools in your news organisation?
My radio station have since adopted the processing of reportage via the mobile phone. Minidisk recorders have replaced the antiquated cassette recording mechanism. Computers are available for word processing. With that, one can hardly encounter serious spelling or grammatical errors that used to be common especially with the print media. Copies of texts can simply be scanned and converted instead of having to re-type a whole bunch of texts.How can we generate more stories about ICTs?
Our individual and collective contributions born out of enthusiastic research work and personal experiences can form a big story about ICT.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Three types of journalists exist. The next-of-kin journalist, who happens to be there because the media house is a family property. The cocktail journalist, who appears at state functions and does not miss any of those grandoise that are peculiar to the environment. The conscientious journalist or journalist of conscience is there because of his honest and soul-touching conviction that what, who, why, when, where and how issues should be critically analysed and addressed to the satisfaction of all concerned, thus guaranteeing a society free from suspicion and mistrust. Few there are that venture onto this path. I am proud to belong to the minority group. What about you?
Vincent NNANNA