Sunday, March 26, 2006


Three types of journalists exist. The next-of-kin journalist, who happens to be there because the media house is a family property. The cocktail journalist, who appears at state functions and does not miss any of those grandoise that are peculiar to the environment. The conscientious journalist or journalist of conscience is there because of his honest and soul-touching conviction that what, who, why, when, where and how issues should be critically analysed and addressed to the satisfaction of all concerned, thus guaranteeing a society free from suspicion and mistrust. Few there are that venture onto this path. I am proud to belong to the minority group. What about you?
Vincent NNANNA

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akinyihongo said...

I belong to the category of level headed - development conscious jounalists with a Conscience journalists, who dont just write or publish a story for the sake of writing or publishing, but who are also aware of the impact of their messages to the audiences they serve.