Wednesday, August 25, 2010


With the overwhelming child abuse scandal that has dominated airwaves on issues affecting the Roman Catholic Church worldwide, the Catholic commuity is always held in suspense when an unusual or infrequent clergy mounts the altar in some irregular manner.
Such was the atmosphere last Sunday in Cotonou when Monsignor Marcel Honorat Agboton mounted the pulpit. But the tension was soon eased off when all he had to say was that he had submitted his letter of resignation both as Arch-Bishop of Cotoou and from active service to the Vatican. His reason for pulling off the red cap which symbolically distinguishes a priest of his rank and calling from other clergies, was on account of a long standing ill health.
Even though Monsignor Agboton is highly cherished as one that ignited spiritual fire among Catholics in Cotonou, he is not badly missed as someone equally ebulient and charismatic in the person of Monsignor Antoine Ganye the substantive Bishop of Dassa-Zoume is immediately stepping into his shoes.

What a big relief it was to the tensed congregation to know that none of their shepherds was being linked to the global sex scandal that has thrown the Papal Church into untold shame and scandal.

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