Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why this silence?

When crises loomed in Kenya, we all shouted, foul! Today, a more humanitarian situation is looming in Zimbabwe, like a time bomb that will not take long to explode. And nobody seems to be talking about it. Could we possibly be overwhelmed with a situation we are already acquainted with? Who does not know that Mr. Mugabe will prefer to cling on to power, even while within the portals of the grand leveler of all human greatness - death? Who does not know that he would exploit the arrogance of his unrepentant neighbour to smuggle arms with which to scare his opponents into flight? Who does not know that the South African mascot will pretend to be too busy to call his friend to order, or at least summon other SADC heads of state to speak his mind? Who will bell the cat? The United Nations certainly has a jurisdiction on this matter. What are they waiting for? And above all, what are Zimbabweans in exile there for? Don't they have a network that can combine efforts to invoke an ouster clause on an illegal regime. The election results so far indicate that Mugabe has no right to remain in the State House. He is in a terrible state of shock to the realisation that the mammoth crowd that was singing his eulogy at the campaigns, went into the voting booth to speak the truth to their conscience. Once the people whose interest and destiny are at stake have spoken, what moral justification does anyone else have in condemning the opposition or the West? We are aware of the suppressed press in the jungle called Rhodesia, but what use is the Worldwide-web if the journalists in that enclave cannot use it effectively to speak out? They only need to act as whistle-blowers and leave the amplification to the rest of their compatriots around the globe. Or have those Zims in exile opted to play second fiddle in foreign land? More questions than answers. Where there is a will, there certainly is a way.

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