Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kudos to Kofi Annan

  1. At last, Kenyan “warlords” (excuse my vulgarity for once), Kibaki and Odinga have succumbed under the weight of the erstwhile UN-Secretary General, Koffi Anan. Following the latter's jettisoning of the pressure groups backing these two Kenyan political leaders, there has, today been reached a compromise agreement of fifty-fifty power sharing between the Mwai Kibaki ruling party and the Raila Odinga main opposition party. While congratulating these field players for their humility in coming to compromise, the questions that are on my mind are:
  2. What will become of the varying ideologies and manifestos of the two parties?
  3. How do they hope to integrate the coalition parties into their power sharing scheme?
  4. What rehabilitation and reconstruction plans are possible to erase the scars of the ethnic resentment of last month?
  5. How are they going to return properties that were sold under duress or outrightly confiscated from the Kikuyus to their rightful owners?
  6. What about legal proceedings against those caught in the very act of hacking their fellow countrymen and women and children to death; and raping innocent women?
  7. How do they hope to disarm those blood thirsty hoodlums who had already acquired deadly weapons in readiness to forment another trouble in case the talks broke down?
  8. These are obviously issues that cannot be swept under carpet like withdrawing or abandoning electoral petitions already filed before the courts.
  9. Restitution is a natural as well as spiritual law and can hardly be undermined, else it will seem like a keg of fermenting wine waiting to burst and spill over with time.

While we wait for answers or reactions to these teething questions, one cannot fail to commend all the known and unknown mediators that have brought the impasse to a consensus. Before anyone says a-men or so let it be, let us not forget that this is merely a case of two captains trying to steer one ship. Such a ship can hardly be brought to a steady cruise. It will swing unceasingly to the right at one time and to the left at another time. Do we have experienced seamen on board to swing along? Or are we going to watch another boat rocking drama. If I had a say in Kenyan politics, I would have counselled that the opposition exercise some patience while the incumbent carries on the affairs of state till a conclusive end of tenure. During this time, the opposition would have perfected their grassroots sensitization and mobilisation which would guarantee their undisputable victory at subsequent polls. Certainly a marriage of incompatibles is like a nightmare. The offspring of such a marriage is usually a stillbirth. Experienced midwives know this to be true. My heartfelt prayers pour out for Kenya. Insha Allah, I will be visiting very soon to hear those warming birds songs once again.

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