Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Metaphysical Healing

More than twelve (12) months ago, I had noted some revelation on the blank page of my personal study Bible. The message had come to me as clearly as one would hear his own voice. It says to me: “The seeds are scattered abroad, the harvester has to stoop down to gather them to see how many basketfuls will result.” I did not understand the import of the message at that time, because I could not relate it to anything in particular that had occupied my mind. But I managed to underscore the words ‘abroad’, ‘stoop down’, and ‘basketfuls’. Then on the eve of 2006 Christmas Day celebration, after listening to some news concerning one Spannish medical expert that was being dispatched to Cuba to carry out some surgical operation on President Fidel Castro, my mind proptly and vehemently opposed that arrangement as if it concerned me personally. Not that I had been an admirer of Mr. Castro, but the compassion at this moment was so overwhelming that I had to recall the message contained in that ‘voice’ of more than 12 months past. I immediately went on my knees and started praying for President Fidel Castro. I argued on the side of perfect health which he already enjoys. I denied seeing him as some ‘vegetable’ that has to be experimented upon to give him what he already has – Life abundant.
It did not surprise me when the next day December 26, the surgeon flew into Cuba from Spain and after examining the person of Fidel Castro, pronounced him very healthy, and added that he did not afteral need any further treatment as his health had improved appreciably. The news added that Fidel was already hoping to go back to work.
This is definitely victory for Christian Healing as opposed to materia medica. Let God take the glory.

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